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​"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
​Early Childhood Enrichment Program (Age 4 - 6)

Unlike the Traditional Tadika syllabus, we offer 50-50 in-book learning and creative learning method to transmit knowledge effectively. Hence, attending primary school is just an easy step for our children.

Does a good academic result mean everything? No way, with this program we will teach our children more than you can imagine. Personal Hygiene, Emergency preparedness and more to fully equip our children to be competent.

From being silent to sociable, from being a follower to a leader, the children will be changing step-by-step.

Before & After-School Care (Age 4 - 12)

Is it frustrating with preparing a meal? Doesn't have time to guide their homework? Not safe for being alone at home? No worries, we cover your back! 

Carefree services are here for your convenience, just make sure you will be making more interaction with your children after home huh!?

Daily Care (Age 4 - 12)


Don't panic when an emergency happened! ​We will take good care of your children and you may settle your personal stuff without worries.

We do provide daily / hourly care for every one of you. Pay as you go~

Homework Class (Age 4 - 12)

🚀 Guaranteed Low teacher:student ratio
🚀 Bilingual teaching (English & Chinese)

🚀 Covered both SK and SJK syllabus

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